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Seventh edition of the “Internet Governance” book will be translated into Russian

A very significant event will take place at the 9th Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF 2018). Honored Internet worker, founder and current director at the Diplo Foundation Jovan Kurbalija will present the seventh edition of his book “Internet Governance”. The new edition has been substantially updated and supplemented – it suffices to say that its volume has almost doubled in comparison to the first edition! The presentation of the book will take place right during the forum.

Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ is preparing the translation of the seventh edition of the book “Internet Governance” into Russian. The book will be released in the summer of 2018. We remind that for the first time the Coordination Center published Jovan Kurbalija’s book “Internet Governance” in Russian in 2010, specifically for the 1st Russian Internet Governance Forum. This was the translation of the third edition of the book, and it hasn’t been republished after that. In fact, this book became the first reference book in our country on “Internet governance”, which contained necessary information about the principles of the organization of the World Wide Web and approaches to its governance.

“In 2010 this book caused heated debate and was extremely popular. Suffice to say that the Coordination Center had to reprint the book to satisfy the demand. We are very pleased that Jovan Kurbalija is presenting a new edition of his book at the Russian Internet Governance Forum again. This will be a very interesting meeting with a man who knows everything about Internet governance!” said Andrey Vorobyev, CEO of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

Jovan Kurbalija was a member of the United Nations (UN) Working Group on Internet Governance, was a special advisor at the Internet Governance Forum and a member of the NETmundial multistakeholder committee. Jovan is known for his research papers on a wide range of topics in relation to Internet governance.

RIGF 2018 will take place on 6 April in Saint Petersburg. Cybersecurity will be its main topic. Guests and speakers will discuss new challenges that Internet governance stakeholders face, will share their experience and talk about the strategies they use to fight cyberthreats. Participation in the forum is free, but registration is required.