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RIGF slams territorial discrimination

The 6th Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2015) has kicked off in Moscow. The event is hosted by the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and supported by the Technical Center of Internet, the Russian Ministry for Telecommunications and Mass Media, the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) and Kaspersky Lab. The forum’s partners include ICANN, ISOC and APTLD. This year, the forum is bringing together nearly 500 participants from 27 countries and four continents of the world: Eurasia, Africa and North and South America.

Lyudmila Bokova, a member of Russia’s Federation Council, opened the forum. She noted that the discussion of Internet governance has long transcended the boundaries of the expert community, emerging as a national issue, while the Internet needs moderate regulation with the establishment of rules that are understandable to all. Deputy Minister for Telecommunications and Mass Media Rashid Ismailov highlighted the efforts taken by the state to develop Internet infrastructure in the country to close the digital divide.

Ilya Massukh, President of the Information Democracy Foundation, expressed concern over the possible discrimination against Internet users on the territorial principle. ICANN Vice President Mikhail Yakushev noted the importance of the discussion on the Internet’s transborder nature. Deputy Chelyabinsk Region Governor Ruslan Gattarov spoke out in favor of developing domestic infrastructure, which should help strengthen the country’s digital sovereignty. ISOC Vice President Raul Echeberria emphasized the forum’s role for the Russian and global community, describing it as “the most effective form of Internet governance and influence on international organizations.” The participants were also welcomed by Janis Karklins, chair of the IGF Multi- stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), who shared his views on Internet governance in the world.

The forum participants had an opportunity to join the Joint Statement against Territorial Discrimination of Internet Users that Mr Massukh had mentioned in his remarks. Any delegate was able to sign the statement.

The presentation of the Order for Service to the Internet has become a traditional element of the annual forum. This year, the Order went to Dr Paul Vixie, an Internet pioneer and the author of several modern Internet protocols and systems.

Live-streaming for all of the forum’s events is available at the RIGF-2015 website.