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Sergey Golovanov — Kaspersky Lab

Principal Security Researcher, Computer Incidents Investigation

Sergey Golovanov started his career at Kaspersky in 2005, joining the company as a Virus Analyst before going on to become Head of the Non-Intel Research Group. He was appointed malware expert for Kaspersky’s Russian Research Center in 2009 and has since risen to the position of Principal Security researcher, conducting research into banking threats and cyber-espionage. Sergey’s areas of expertise also include embedded system security, cybercriminal 'partner networks', non-Windows threats (Mac OS, Unix OS), botnets and other aspects of cybersecurity. He has 24 patents and four acknowledgements for 0-days discovered in-the-wild.

Prior to joining the company, Sergey worked at the Moscow Centre for Scientific and Technical Information. He graduated from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in Moscow, Russia, with a degree in information security of automated systems.

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