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Diana Okremova — Legal Media Center

Director and co-founder of the Legal Media Center.

Diana Okremova is a journalist, director and co- founder of the Legal Media Center, a non-profit organization that provides legal protection and advice to journalists, conducts media research, promotes international principles for protecting freedom of speech and access to information and analyzes the state media funding system. The organization also protects and promotes digital rights, participates in the development of media legislation, and cooperates with journalism departments at universities in Kazakhstan.

Member of parliament and ministry working groups on access to information, regulation of the media and the internet, and personal data protection. Member of the Human Rights Expert Council under the Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan, member of the National Council of Stakeholders of the Ministry for Investment and Development, OSCE human rights expert. Lecturer in the course "The professional ethics of a journalist" at Kazakh State Law University.

Ms Okremova has extensive coaching experience in access to information, international standards for protecting freedom of speech, effective communications between government agencies and the media, and legal regulations governing the media sphere.

Co-author of the manuals “Legal framework and practice of blocking internet content in Kazakhstan,” “Hate speech in Kazakhstan: statistics, judicial practice, recommendations,” “Competent coverage of the human rights situation in Kazakhstan,” “Freedom of speech and intolerant vocabulary on the internet,” “A journalist’s legal security on the internet,” “Modern media law: National practice and international standards,” and “State funding for the press in Kazakhstan.”

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