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Olga Uskova — Cognitive Technologies

Founder and President of Cognitive Technologies, CEO of Cognitive Pilot

Graduated from MISIS (Faculty of Engineering Cybernetics) and graduate school of VNIISI of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

O.A. Uskova is a well–known Russian entrepreneur, founder of Cognitive Technologies, CEO of Cognitive Pilot (a subsidiary of Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies), the world's leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) for unmanned vehicles.
In 1992, she founded Cognitive Technologies, a Russian developer of artificial intelligence systems. And two years later, the company signed contracts for the use of its own software with such well-known brands as. Corel Cprp., Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, Xerox, Epson, OKI, Olivetti, etc.

Since 2008, the interests of Fr.Uskovoy lie in the field of creating artificial intelligence systems for robotics tasks.
Today Olga Uskova runs a business in the field of creating AI for unmanned vehicles in Russia, European countries, the USA, Asia and Latin America.

In 2019, Fr.Uskova was one of the initiators of a deal between Cognitive Technologies and Sberbank of Russia to create an international giant in the field of computer vision for unmanned vehicles - Cognitive Pilot company.

In recent years, under the leadership of Olga Uskova:

  • a contract has been implemented to create a computer vision system for one of the world's leading manufacturers of Hyundai Mobis components;
  • autonomous harvesting systems based on AI in the agricultural sector have been massively introduced in Russia;
  • a project has been initiated to create a train driver assistance systemd - locomotive based on artificial intelligence.
  • the first Russian robot factory for the development of components for unmanned vehicles was opened in Tomsk;
  • a project has been initiated with the leading Chinese railway infrastructure operator FITSCO to create a smart tram with AI from Cognitive Pilot in Shanghai;
  • a Cognitive Pilot division has been opened in the USA, a dealer network has been built in Latin America;
  • a project has been launched with St. Petersburg Tractor Plant about the serial production of smart tractors PTZ "Kirovets" K-7M with autopilot systems based on artificial intelligence Cognitive Agro Pilot for the Russian and foreign markets;
  • together with the St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelektrotrans" and "PC Transport Systems", a project has been implemented for the serial configuration of trams supplied for the needs of St. Petersburg, the system >active safety and driver assistance Cognitive Tram Pilot based on artificial intelligence.

Olga Uskova:

  • Tops the list of Russian women in robotics according to Forbes for 2021;
  • He is among the best CEOs in the world according to the publication CEO Today Magazine /UK/ for 2021;
  • He is among the most influential entrepreneurs in Russia, whose technologies will change the world according to Forbes for 2019;
  • He is among the TOP 3 newsmakers in Russia on the topic of artificial intelligence (SPIEF data, 2019);
  • Within the framework of the first national award in the field of business efficiency of the use of artificial intelligence technologies, AI Russia Awards 21 received the title of "Popularizer of AI Technologies".

Previously, she was repeatedly included in the TOP- 5 most successful Russian businesswomen according to the ratings of the magazines "Company", "Finance", etc.

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