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Anya Gengo — IGF Secretariat

Anja Gengo currently works at the United Nations Secretariat for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), as an associate programme expert and a focal point for the national, regional and youth IGF initiatives. Prior to joining the IGF Secretariat, she worked as an analyst and legal advisor in private legal practice, focused on media and ICT law. She is the co-founder of the Centre for Media Law, where she worked as an Internet policy analyst and programme coordinator.

Ms. Gengo is a 10-year experienced debater, trainer and judge for the Karl Popper and British Parliamentary debate formats with extensive experience from many national, regional and international debate tournaments. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in International Law, with her academic research focused on the intersections between digital technologies and international law.

She is also an alumni of the Monroe E. Price programme in comparative media law and policy from the University of Oxford and Annenberg School of Communication.

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