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Vladimir Dashchenko — Kaspersky Lab

Vladimir Dashchenko, cyber security expert for industrial automation systems and smart devices at Kaspersky ICS CERT. Prior to that, Vladimir served as Vice President of Cyber ​​Threat Research for Industrial Automation Systems at a startup where he was incorporating Threat Intelligence results into a cyber risk assessment system. Before that, he also led a team for searching for vulnerabilities in solutions for industrial control systems, smart devices, and was engaged in penetration testing for various industrial companies. 

Vladimir graduated with a degree in Information Security of Telecommunication Systems from the Ural Polytechnic University, and has also studied and taught at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. He lectured on applied cybersecurity issues at many universities, taught a special course at MIT, and co- authored several trainings on cybersecurity.

Today, Vladimir is interested in such topics as search and detection of cyber threats, security of industrial control systems, smart devices, smart city elements, and so on. Vladimir is a member of various security communities such as BEER-ISAC and RUSCADASEC. He has also spoken at numerous industry conferences: SAS, CS3STHLM, Zeronights, OffZone, Positive Hack Days, S4, and Bsides.

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