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RIGF 2023 Youth Special Course roundup

The final lectures of the RIGF 2023 Youth Special Course were held on April 2. Rector of the Academy for Innovative Education and Development Olga Rubtsova spoke about building an information and media culture for the participants in the education process, and on interaction of children and young people in the virtual environment. She stressed how important it is for the younger generation to develop digital competences.

Olga Makarova, Director of the Department of Commercial Resource Management at MTS, delivered the second lecture of the day. Focusing on internet fragmentation, she spoke about such phenomena as fragmentation, balkanization, splinternet, equalization and consolidation in the context of the global network. She also outlined the threats caused by differing models of internet fragmentation.

The final meeting of the special course took place on April 4 where students drafted follow-up statements as a message from the younger generation. The six statements on internet fragmentation, global network and digital sovereignty, training talent for the digital economy, information security on the internet, new technology in healthcare, and interaction of children and youth in the virtual environment will be presented on April 7 at the final session of RIGF 2023, Digital Transformation: Voice of the Youth.

See you at the 13th Russian Internet Governance Forum!